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Stepping out of the routine of our normal phonics curriculum is always a breath of fresh air when I am teaching a child to read. Phonics curriculums are great, but there is something so maturing for a beginner reader to adventure into an actual book finishing it cover to cover.

Elias, my 6-year-old first grader, has had the great privlege of experiencing this matuirng opportunity as we reviewed The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set  by Albert Whitman & Company. These 4 hard-covered books are the perfect transition from reading simple picture books into tackling chapter books, and they correlate with the Boxcar series we have all grown to love. 

Although they contain no chapters, they can be easily broken up into sections so your child doesn’t feel like he needs to read a book in its entirety in one sitting. Accompaning the large font text with simple words and a few challenging words are on every page is an illustration keeping every reader engaged and excited to read what is going to happen next. My six-year old has been able to read these books pretty well  on his own with little help from me on some of the tougher words. Depending on your child’s reading level, I would estimate these readers are great for 5-7 year olds. 

We used the The Boxcar Children Early Reader Set  as his reading lesson each day for the last month or so. I had him read 4-6 pages a day and then he worked on some handwriting and picture drawing that correlated with words or phrases he read from the Boxcar books. We had a lot of fun and I couldn’t beleive how making it through two of these books matured his reading skills and confidence dramatically. He feels as though he can read anything and everything since accomplishing his first two Boxcar books. I see him picking up books all the time and sounding them out to read to himself or his younger siblings. Where I didn’t see a love for reading before, I do now! 

I absolutely, 100%, recommend these books to beginner readers! They are exciting, simple, yet challenging, and fantastically illustrated. The hard covers are high quality to ensure long term reading opprotunities. Check them out and order yours today!

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