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“It is the only form of perfect governance and one the founders wisley called us to pursue. If indeed we do heed their voice now, coming to us across the centuries, revealed in a time of great need angd national crisis, then not only will we be able to rescue this great republic but we will propel her to greater freedom, peace, and prosperity than she has ever know.”

– The Hidden Message of the Great Seal, page 87

America faces circumstances that currently leave her unrecognizable as the land of freedom, virtue, unity and providence. As if it was almost ordained by God Himself to be written during “such a time as this”, The Hidden Message of the Great Seal: How Foundational Truth from The Dawn of Liberty May Rescue a Republic in Peril by Michael Kanis seeks to rediscover the symbolism of our national seal and reignite the patriotism that is our legacy and our hope. 

When I first received this book, I thought I would work my way through it a little here and a little there, but I found it one that I could not put down. I would spend my enitre day that I set aside for resting pouring over this book. I studied it’s every word and made my own notes in the margines. I highlighted specific phases that I felt rung so prominent in unchanging truth. It was such a breath of fresh air, espcially considering the current events and “crisis” in America at present times.

The beginning of this book sets up the stage for what feels like the modern film “National Treasure”. It explains the importance of understanding what our Founding Fathers were cleverly embedding in the symbol that we see on a daily basis. It also explains how the author received his inspiration for studying this topic. 

The middle of this book examines the details of the seal and creates a convincing case as to the “hidden” meaning of each symbol and word. It’s an exciting journey of “aha!” moments as you discover hidden messages using the context of times past. 

The conclusion of The Hidden Message of the Great Seal has a powerful message. The topics of virtue, freedom, providence and unity are dissected and expounded upon. These concluding chapters will stir your heart and fan the American spirit in your soul. There is a message of hope that resounds throughout this book and it is summarized here:

“…though it may seem impossible to resist the tide against us, we too have hope; we are not defeated. Our story has not ended. Pursue virtue. Teach it to the children… However, virtue alone is not enough. Without unity, we cannot oppose the forces that erode. We must unite to use our voices in the halls and rooms and councils and court rooms and family rooms. Wherever we find ourselves, we must muster the courage to speak up, to stand for what is right and encourage others to do the same. Your voice contributes to answers the question: Will our republic continue as it was given to us… There is yet one furthur requirement… By the authority of the Scriptures which I have shown are invoked in the seal, there is one more message: ‘Thus declares the Lord of hosts, Return to Me, says the Lord of hosts and I will return to you, says the Lord of hosts’. 

-Page 247

The Hidden Message of the Great Seal is unique. My husband is a certified instructor in the constitution and often teaches classes on it. In fact, he was preparing for his next class as I read through this book. Even with the understanding I have gained from my husband about the founding of our nation, I have gained such a clarity of the setting of those times in relation to our own from reading this book. 

I received a larger scale aerial view, if you will, on the events that shaped the decisions and passions of the Founding Fathers. I grasped in a new light the phrases they used and the urgency they felt. I was awestruck at the intricacy of each man’s upbringing and the trials, tribulations, successes and training that shaped them to hold such a specific role in the formation of our national seal and sacred documents. I understood the religious persecution and the rediscovery of God’s Word that attributed to the values that mankind had and could build unity upon. I ventured into an old world and saw it through new eyes as I stepped back to examine the setting of the stage as a whole.

This was my favoite part of this book.

Beautiful illustrations splash every page of this glossy, soft-covered book. Maps, pictures of old coins and stamps, charts and graphs, timelines and famous artwork to name a few. Impactful quotes are sprinkled throughout and open each chapter. 

I cannot say that I agree with every conclusion the author drew in his book, but the history, the stories, the comparison between seals or symbols of those times to the symbols that our Founding Fathers came up with for our seal are compelling. Some of his ideas seem a bit far reaching for me, specifially the ideas that surround America fulfilling prophecy and being a tool in God bringing His Kingdom on Earth. I believe the author stated that he isn’t saying this to be true, but simply giving us an idea of what the Founding Fathers may have been thinking when the formed our National Seal. He also mentions “spiritual Israel” as the church which sounds like replacement theology (page 162).

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is CLEARLY and BOLDLY preached over and over again in this book which I was thrilled to see. You cannot separate the importance of the gospel and America. You cannot have a republic without Judeo-Christian ethics. 

I recommend this book!

I would purchase a copy to just read. The information in this book should be a requirement for EVERY SINGLE AMERICAN to know and embrace. 

I would make this recommended reading for my highschool children. Pairing it with a civics study would be an incredible learning experience.

For anyone interested in treasure hunts or mysteries, this book would definetly peek their interest.

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I believe this book has crucial information that we need! Americans need this book. We need to teach these things to our children. We need to unite around the message in this book, repent, turn from our wicked ways, follow Jesus, and fight for the REPUBLIC that we are.

America Bless God.