The girls and I started going for morning runs a month and a half ago (we stopped once we moved). We would eat our yogurt, throw on our shoes and run together to an upbeat soundtrack playing on speaker from my iPhone. It was a blast! Except for every morning when we got home, Hayven was breaking out in full body hives. I had her jump into the shower thinking that pollen was the issue and cleaning it off her skin would surely help.


After several days of Benedryl, hives and cold showers, she had a swelling episode that caused her knuckles swell so badly her hands look deformed. Even after the maximum amount of Benedryl in her system, the swelling was not reducing. We saw her pediatrician who suggested we do a strep test and if that comes back negative, think about some allergy testing. A few hours later I hear Hayven attempting to call me from her bed room. Her throat was swelling and she couldn’t talk loudly.

Thankfully both our room mate and my husband rolled down the road as I was rushing Hayven into the car and off to the ER. Alex and I took her in where they drugged her up with steroids and more allergy medication.

Two weeks later, we got her allergy testing. I was shocked to see her results came back as an allergy to cow’s milk, egg, mold and cockraoches. I never thought she has a food allergy! We ate yogurt nearly every morning before our runs! Eggs and cheese in the afternoon.

Hayven was the most upset about the cockroaches since she loves bugs.


Our pediatrician suggested I get my other kids tested… and I am glad I did?? Maybe?? Out of the 37 allergens they tested, my kids came back allergic to 35 of them!!!


Here is just the food list:

– Egg

– Gluten


– Cows Milk

– Casein

– Soy

– Peanut

– Walnut

– Hazelnut

– Cashew

– Almond

– Sesame Seeds

– Scallop

– Tuna

– Shrimp

And we are avoiding corn and oats until we get those tested.


When our lives change, they don’t change a little aparently… didn’t I post somthing about this being the most accelerated year of OUR LIFE?!?

So we eat rice… rice… and more rice…

Coconut milk and chicken…

More vegetables then humans are supposed to…

And more rice….