We now have 4 dread heads in our family! My husband is trying to convince me to install dreadlocks in our toddler as well, which I am not sure I am willing to part with her afro curls quite yet.

Elias had dreadlocks once as a toddler, but I tried making them using his baby hair, which wasn’t a very good idea. Now that he is 7-years old and has his own personality an opinions starting to develop, I thought it would be a good time… that and his hair stylist is out of town…

I had to use rubber bands on his roots and create him some human hair extensions with blunted ends. I used a clear water based gel to help me pull all the loose hairs in tight. After a few months, I think it will lock up well and I can remove the rubber bands.

Next up was Hayven. Now she has two completely different textures of hair on her head. The front of her hair is very tight, spiral curls that have the most beautiful natural highlights of red and blonde. The back has… a very odd texture. While mostly straight, it has a course texture with a slight curl to it and grows VERY fast. No matter what products I used, or what method I worked her hair… it never looked good. I loved the length on her, but not the style… Also, her stylist is recovering for surgery…

So we starter her head with some twists. Double stranded in the back and comb twists in the front. After a week of this style, I decided it would be quickest to use the backcomb and crochet method on the back texture of her hair leaving the ends of these dreadlocks loose and curly, like my dreads. I then left the comb twists in the front to dread on their own. The results are beautiful and full of texture and layers!

Hayven is most excited about:
– Not brushing her hair
– Adding beads, string and feather accessories
– Adding extensions of many different colors
– The different hair styles she can rock