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If you know anything about my family, you know we are a bit fanatic when it comes to the Untied States of America, the Constituion, and the freedoms and duties we have as citizens of this great country. If I may stand on my soap box for a moment, and this review definitley gives me the platform to do so, I believe if we do not prioritize enough teaching our children of our sweet heritage, it will become less of a heritage and more of a distant ideal.

It’s election year in the US and what a perfect opprotunity to teach your children about the US Election process! Worried it will be a boring and tedious task? Not if you choose to use Home School in the Woods U.S. Elections Lap-Pak made for grades 3-8! Trust me, you won’t want to pace yourself as you work through this Lap-Pak set… at least we didn’t!

Using hands-on craft activities U.S. Elections Lap-Pak includes 21 projects that teach you (and your children) all about the Election process in our country. Topics from the different forms of government to suffrage, to caucuses and primaries, to statistics and inauguration day are all covered in the 24-page booklet that comes with the study. 

And this is a rare opprotunity, as you can actually PARTICIPATE in this process as you learn it this year!

I simply must share some examples of what I mean:

(1) Learn about caucuses (first picture) and the primary elections (second picture) and then actually go experience them!

(2) Learn about the three branches of government and what their individual roles are, and then go visit your state capital and meet your local representatives in each branch. We did this and brought a few other homeschoolers with us. 

(3) Learn about Presidential debates, platforms, and the media and then watch the DFL debates and commercials that are consistently on the television. We had an even more unique experience going through this as one of our MN US Sentaors was running for president this year (Amy Klobuchar). It was an absolutle blast watching the DFL debates and discussing the platforms of each candidate as well as what we beleive in as a family. 

I am going to dare to say, I beg of you homeschool or even non-homeschool parent: please download this U.S. Elections Lap-Pak and add it to your school day for the next few weeks/months! What a unique and influential experience you can have with your children this year!

Still to come is Election Day, the Inauguration of the next president, the continued campaigning and the statistics. Participate in all this wonderful process that our Republic offers us and take your kids along for the ride one craft and conversation at a time.

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