Taking summer “off” school, for a home-educator, means it’s time for a whole load of unique, hands-on learning experiences!

Beach visits

playing in the sand and water,

learning how to deal with kids who aren’t all that nice,

chasing bugs and butter flies,

exploring trails around the regional and state parks,

seeing birds and other animals.

Farmers Market

learning about different types of vegetables and plants, 

experiencing entrupeneurship of other locals,

learning that experiences need to often be created, not just waited for – playing with street preformers by getting over pride and asking,

participating in bardering,

money exchanging and making change,

comparing and contrasting prices

Museum Visits

learning about ALL sorts of topics,

getting exposed to all forms of invensions, ideas, concepts, theories, and cultures,

learning how to hold science, history, art and the like up to the truth of God’s Word and filtering information through it

DGP (Discovering God’s Path)

Exploring God’s Word,

playing team sports,

competing in “olympic” games,

refining how to relate to adults and other kids respectfully,

self-control sitting through a teaching quietly




Milk Run

learning and observing where food comes from,

enjoying audio stories on the LONG drive up and back


obviously, learning about different animals, their habitats, lifestyles, diet, terms that relate to them and so much more.

Luthier Shop

the history,

the familiy heritage,

the smells,

the glue,

the sizes,

the makes and modles,

the tools,

the sounds,

the many different sounds


always an educational experience planting seeds,






baking and cooking,

freezing and canning,

the bugs,

the worms,

the dirt

These are just a few of the unique experiences you can create in just the first few weeks of summer! 


Check out your local state parks, libraries, museums, ponds, lakes, water parks, trails, farmers markets, trade shops, music festivals… 


Every experience offers a lesson to teach our children!


Everywhere God’s amazing grace is seen and His attributes declared.


Sin is always present and is always making prime moments of teaching and making children aware of it’s fatal grip.


We only have a few warm months in this upper part of the hemisphere… so GET OUT AND ENJOY IT!




What Experiences Have YOU Had??!?

Share in the comments BELOW!!