We have had so many changes in the last few months, it’s like we are an entirley different family. We are completely self employed running two seperate companies. 

(1) Fermentools – Fermenting equipment

(2) Mr. Air Handler HVAC Services LLC

Yes, that’s right! My husband offically started his own HVAC business! 

On top of this, we welcomed baby Willow, our 7th child, into our home a month ago now. The sleepless nights of a newborn are still fresh upon us.

We spend a whole lot more time doing the minstry we beleive that God has ordained and called us to: politics. 

From several trips down to the capital already this year to school board meetings, to participating in our caucus and elections, to attempting to getting on the electoral college in the state of MN… we’ve already done so much and have so many opportunities ahead of us!

We have many craft fairs booked, HVAC jobs lined up, conferences to go to… it’s very exciting!

But what we are enjoying the most is our times in the morning flooded with prayer and devotions together, our Saturday family homefellowships where we all pull out our Bibles and notebooks and share what God has been doing. The opprotunties to do worship together as a family (my girls decided to pick up guitar and now they are leading worship at church). The freedom to go out as a family force and share the gospel of Jesus Christ wherever we go! 

God has truly blessed us and we are comitted more than ever to trusting in Him and walking in faith in all that He has called us.