We’ve had a lot of changes in our home the last month or so. We’ve faced some big descions, some joys and surprise blessings as well as some trageties and hardships. 

Home Life: We replaced all the flooring in our downstairs into a BEAUTIFUL white and grey laminet. The Lord also provided a BRAND NEW furnice free of charge to us. He is amazingly good!

Homeschool: My girls graduated the 3rd grade! They are working on solitifying their math facts through the rest of the year and getting a very strong foundation on those before they start division next year.

Hayven is growing in her piano and violin studies as well as her music theory work. She has seen more growth and confidence this last month than ever before.

Elias finsihed Kindergarten several months ago and is working on his reading for the rest of the year.

Aryeh won coolest car at the CKC Derby.

Alex and I were encouraged and spurred on by the Homeschool Summit we listened to this last week. 

We are in our last homestretch of schooling and it’s gotten hard to find the motivation to finish well. The sun is shining. The snow is melting. We’ve been cooped up in the house for MONTHS and we just want it to be warm and to be FREE! 🙂 Our plan is to be done with formal schooling come the end of May. We may continue a little math and language arts through the summer, but nothing planned. Just lots of reading and outdoor exploring. We are READY for the break!!!


Dental visits: We have had a few dental emergencies and treatment plans this month that have been a bit burdensome, but we are excited to see the Lord work 🙂

Capital Life: Things at the capital slowed down for us this last two weeks. The bills we are watching haven’t had much activity which has been nice since it’s allowed us to get house projects done and allowed Alex to take a lot of overtime to pay for upcoming medical bills. 

Ancient Medicine Cabinet: My sisters and I have been preparing for our first craft fair of the year! We’re very excited and more prepared then we have ever been this early 🙂 **BLUSH**