Here in the DeputieTribe household, we teach what we consider core subjects for majority of the kids years: Language Arts, Math, Music, Economics and of course the Bible. As far as History, Geography, Science, Government ect. goes, we take a non-curriculum based approach to these. Not that we don’t think these subjects are important, quite the opposite! We beleive and pray that our children will become Christian scientists, historians, political figures, professors, and lawyers… we just don’t think we need to press these subjects in elemarty or early middle school.

Discovering Crafty Classroom‘s USA Activity Bundle Pack and being able to review it over our summer break was a perfect fit for our family! We are very passionate about being Americans and a bit more patriotic then norm. These glorious blank coloring pages filled some of the hot summer afternoons and rainy mornings with great learning moments.

What IS the USA Activity Bundle Pack?

Crafty Classroom‘s USA Activity Bundle Pack is a PDF download that comes with their:

USA Activity pack – Black and white activity sheets covering each of the 50 states. Students can color where the state is on the map, the flag, the state bird and flower. There are some blank, lined rows for the child to jot down a few interesting facts on that state. This pack also includes two games in the back: USA Bingo and Roll Across America.

USA State Bird Cards: These pages are made so the student can cut them out and make 3 different cards for each bird. The first “card” has a fully colored picture of the bird as well as a list of states this bird is native to and some blank spaces to fill in interesting facts on the bird. There is another “card” that is a black and white picture of the bird for the student to personalize. And the third area is a small memory matching card. These can be cut out and placed upside to play the traditional matching game, or can be glued together to create flash cards for easy memory of the types of birds. 

USA 50 State Mazes

This was my kids favorite acticity pack. Each maze is in the shape of one of the States. They are simple, yet complex enough to take the child a several minutes to work through. My kids who did these (ranging from 5-years-old to almost 9-year-old) all loved these equally. 

How Did We Use This Activity Bundle?

Like I mentioned earlier, we used these as a fun summer day activity that the kids were able to pull out with all their craft supplies and reference books and enjoy on their own accord. My kids love to learn about geography and USA facts in their spare time. They memorize the Presidents, their vice presidents and other interesting facts about them just for fun!

Here is a video describing what we set up as activities for the kids this summer. This gives you an idea as to how we implemented this Activity Pack (fast forwards to 7:53-8:58 to see the walk through of the USA Activity Bundle Pack, or watch the whole video and get inspired on summer activity ideas):

As my family enjoyed these activity packs, I imagined other ways they could be used:

– To supplement a curriculum in science, geography, history ect.

– To be printed and used for roadtrip activities (I plan on bringing these on our family vacation coming up since we will be going through several different states).

– Daily sheet to used while waiting for me to come correct their school work, or if school work gets done early.

The uses are as endless and creative as the pack itself!

What Did We Think?!?








We were unfamiliar with Crafty Classroom before this review and I must say, I was very pleased looking over all that this company has to offer. Many, many hands-on, open and go, kinesthetic, bright and colorful, energetic learning activities and supplements.


I actually enjoyed that these were PDF downloads because I can print as many copies as I want for as many kids as I want as well as print only the sheets that are specific to something we are studying in particular. For instance, for our road trip coming up, I could print the information page, maze, and bird sheets for each state we plan on driving through for the kids to do in the car!


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