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A homeschool parent’s first hurdle is to teach their child to read. Their second is to get their child to fall in love with reading, and their third is to feed them content that will inspire and mature them into men and women of God who are not only strong in faith and conviction, but have a love of education. Finding books with exceptional content is my current hurdle with my two 9-year olds.


Thankfully, we got our hands on Venturing with God in Congo by Conjurske Publications. This hard covered book is just under 300-pages and is jam packed with adventure, stories of travel, danger, culture and science. Venturing with God in Congo follows the journeys of the missionary Darrell Champlin and his family as they bring the good news of Jesus Christ into the Congo. 


The book is written in the style of a compilation of individual stories over the course of the Champlin family’s 10 years in service in Africa. It’s written in first person tense as the author, Darrell Champlin, as the main character. The stories are all first hand experiences and very descriptive.  I was excited as I was reading through the chapters seeing how the culture, landscape, wildlife, and daily life of Africa were depicted so descriptively. I gained a deeper understanding of what life across the globe looks like. My family is very involved in minsitry and evangelism in the city we live in, so any books that spur on my children and embolden them in their walks with Jesus are on the top of my list.

Venturing with God in Congo comes with a vibrant, good quality hardcover which I greatly appreciate. If I am going to invest money in a book I love that it can be read and shared by all my children. The language of the book was easy enough for my 9-year olds (that read at a higher reading level) could fully understand. I also greatly enjoyed reading this book. It draws you in and before you know it, you are 1/3 of the way into it!

My girls truly couldn’t put this book down. They would bring it to the dinner table and be up late at night consuming page after page of the miracles God does for those who just trust in Him. They were inspired to write their own book about a boy living in Congo after having read this book. I also see the inspiration from Venturing with God in Congo in the music they are composing in their spare time about God’s faithfulness and power. 

My twins read through this book. Here is what they says about it:

Ahavah Deputie’s Review

“It’s basically his (Champlin) diary about what happened while he was in Congo preaching.”

“I learned that God is ALL POWERFUL, and like literately ALL POWERFUL! The things He did in this book are UNBELIEVABLE!”

Alecia Deputie’s Review

This book is about “what exciting events happened in their time in Congo and what they had to trust God in what He was leading them. It’s full of short stories.”

“It’s fun and exciting and full of super fun stories!”

“I learned to trust God more than I do now because a lot of these people were trusting in God… like they told this one guy that they would kill him and his wife if he did not deny Jesus and he did not deny Jesus…”




Recommend? Yes, Sir!

We loved this book and will proudly add it to our library of books to be read over and over by all 7 of our children!

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