The anticipation has been building up for a few years now! I expectantly asked select family members to gather a list of names so I could begin a genealogy tree for my kids to have and study; simultaneously, Alex, having his mom near him for the first time in his life, really, birthed in us a strong desire to attain a more accurate knowledge of ancestry. Maybe just for fun, perhaps to satisfy the cruiosity that nagged at our hearts and minds, and for certain to gift our children with an appreciation of what makes them… them!

My husband gifted me with a set of Genetic Test as an early holiday present. I was thrilled and excited, but I cannot say I was as excited as my two little sisters who harassed me nearly every day inquiring of the results before I had even been able to fill my vial with saliva! We have all secretly *okay not so secretly*  been hoping that we had just a drop of Jewish blood in us. We, as you may have gathered over my last 10 yers of blogging, LOVE Israel and the Jewish people and think it is simply the greatest honor to be called one of God’s chosen people! Of course, we are “Grafted In” thanks to the blood of the Messiah Jesus Christ (who, by the way, was Jewish – His name is actually Yeshua). If you don’t know what I am talking about go ahead and dust off your Bible and read the book of Romans, specifically chapters 9-11.

Lest I digress… the results came in after a painstaking wait of nearly 3 weeks. My husband and I dropped what we were occupied in immediately upon receiving the email from the company that our analysis was waiting for our review! We snuggled up on the coach and opened my husband’s results first. 

His were by FAR the most shocking!

My results revealed what I had suspected.

I am White.


55.1% Irish

16.8 % Polish

11.1 % French

2% Scandinavian

12.7% Broadly NW European

2.2% Broadly European


I knew my dad was 100% Irish. Unfortunately, the company we chose was unable to trace his “haplogroup”… still not sure exactly what this means. My Papa did share with me that his side of the family inhabits Galway, Ireland. I guess that song by Eric Hutchinson hits home more than I thought it did. 

My mom’s relatives, from what I gather, came primarily from Poland on my grandfather’s side and my grandmother’s family was French Canadian. My great-great grandfather was Irish, hence the 55%. I have memories of my grandfather speaking a variety of languages including Polish, French, German and English to name a few. 

I mentioned we read Alex’s results first, but I thought I would save the best for the close of this post. Turns out, my Liberian husband is only 75% Liberian!

75.2% Liberian

7.5% Congolese

6.4% Nigerian

.6% Senegambian & Guinean

.4% Southern East African

.1% African Hunter-Gatherer (???)

6.2% Broadly West African

.6% Broadly Congolese & Southern East African

1.8% Broadly Sub-Saharan African

1% Irish

.1% Broadly European

.1% East Asian & Native American


Although it was confirmed we are not Jewish, the results of extended family showed some Judaism along the line. My husband was probably the most thrilled with the results of this test. He called several of his family members up to get a better understanding as to the diversity in his results and to share his findings. He was especially tickled to the fact that he is related to the Pharaoh Ramses III. 



We are pleased and thankful for who the Lord made us and that He brought us together. We feel more equipped to pass our legacy onto our children.

We may have our roots that cross the globe, but we are both AMERICAN and of this we are immensely honored and proud.

We are both BELIEVERS IN JESUS CHRIST and our inheritance is in heaven.

This is the glorious and noble birthright we bear and our children bear. 

I am still waiting on my family members to gather that list of names and such for my records (hint, hint if you’re reading this).

I also find it quite humorous that my Irish family would be pleased that I did, in fact, wed an Irish man… 

A very African Irish man. 😉