We chose to start in August this year because we have our two-three week Family Vacation in September/October, our nice long Thanksgiving/Christmas/Hanukkah break, AND we are having a baby in February and may need to take a chunk of time off during that month. Starting in August gives us a good head start to finish in early June of 2020.

When I prepare for a homeschool year, I start with selecting the cirriculum I want to use. These choices are based off of the years of experience I have, the exposure to so many different options through my Homeschool Review Crew, and my annual “vacation” to the Minnesota Homeschool Conference in April. We collect books for the year starting usually in April, at the conference, and continue over the spring and summer to put our stockpile together so it’s ready by August/September.

This year looks like this:

Ahavah & Alecia – 9 years old – 4th Grade

Language Arts – Eclectic Foundations Level D (this covers phonics, language, grammar, spelling, vocabulary, cursive writing, memorizing scripture and more)

Math – Starting with Times Tables Alive (to brush up on multiplication facts), then doing Math-U-See Delta

Bible – daily devotional sheets reading ahead for Sundays and Thursdays (our childrens ministry goes right through the Bible, Genesis to Revelation, book by book, chapter by chapter)

Music – Piano and Violin lessons (possibly adding Cello) as well as music theory supplements

McGuffey Readers & Lamplighter Books – reading these older books increases reading comprehension skills and vocabulary tremendously

Economics/Finances – Kingdom Code Kids

Other Electives: Possibly an online drawing course and other opportunities through my Review Crew

Hayven – 7 years old – 3rd grade/4th grade

Language Arts – Eclectic Foundations Level C (see above description for subjects this includes)

Math – Starting with Times Tables Alive then Math-U-See Delta

Bible – reading ahead for Sundays and Thursdays (see above description)

Music – Piano and Violin lessons with music theory supplements

McGuffey & Lamplighter Books – see above

Other Electives: Possibly an online drawing course and other opportunities through my Review Crew

Elias – 6 years old – 1st/2nd Grade

Language Arts – Eclectic Foundations Level B

Math – Math-U-See Alpha

Bible – Listening to Devotions with Mom in the morning and Dad in the evening

Music – Piano (possibly adding violin)

McGuffey & Lamplighter – to practice reading at a higher level and to practice sitting still and picking up what he can

Aryeh – 3 years old – Preschool

Eclectic Foundations Level A

Much constructed play time

Lots of Library Books 

Evelyn – 1 year old – Character Building

Learning to:

– practice blanket time

– sit for story time/deovtional time

– play in her room without coming downstairs

– not to whine but to communicate

– potty train

– obey immediatly, cheerfully, thoroughly

Often people ask how we fit it all in. Here is an example of our schedule we’re working out. Usually I print a copy and then mark things in pencil for the first few weeks and then I change it into a more realistic copy of what is doable. 

We do a 4-day school week (Monday-Thursday) becuase Alex works M-F, their piano and violin lessons are M-Th, and we want Friday open for appointments or feild trips or as a day to catch up on house work… and to sleep in!! 🙂

This schedule has already been altered three or four times and will probably continue to be as I iron out the first month of figuring this all out.

Our first day went well! It was very fun, laid back, a bit chaotic trying to pencil in what worked and what didn’t work. I’m sure our schedule will morph into many different things throughout the year.

I am so excited to set aside all the other things that busy me and to lay them aside and focus on my kids! There is NOTHING as rewarding as plopping into bed knowing that you did somthing in their lives to teach them, mature them, and give them a fantatic start in their lives. The memories, the laughter, the discipline, the heart speaking moments, the transitions, the mispelled words, the funny picture books, the frantic meal prep, the quiet evenings… there’s just nothing like it….