AMC = Ancient Medicine Cabinet

For my new readers, AMC is the small herbal medicine business my sisters and I started a few years ago. We will be celebrating two years of officially being “Ancient Medicine Cabinet” this coming January!
This summer we focused on doing a few craft fairs getting our feet wet. We were able to share the gospel of Jesus Christ with several people this summer as well as pray with or over many more.
Now we are working on some changes in order to better streamline the larger amount of customers we have been receiving!
We have some more professional looking photos, labels, business cards, product books and other exciting things such as a BRAND NEW WEBSITE coming up soon!
All these changes will *hopefully* be implemented in the beginnings of January.
Much Prayer Needed!
We are making some changes to our product line so keep an eye out for those changes. We will be narrowing down our selection to only our best selling or most favored products for the time being. If there are any products that are no longer listed, but are interested in, PLEASE shoot us an email! We may have what you want in stock and will gladly sent it to you for a great deal ­čÖé
Please remember that when you purchase from AMC you are supporting a ministry. We use every dollar that comes in and put it right back into AMC opening us up for opportunities to share the gospel with the world as well as build up the body of Christ by donating products to people in need.
Pray for us as we make some pretty exciting changes and grow!
Thanks for your faithful support.
If you’ve never purchased from AMC before, try out a 1oz tincture for only $6! Just visit the website!
USE THE PROMO CODE┬áDEPUTIETRIBE10 for 10% off your order ­čÖé
Shabbat Shalom!