My kids tend to consume books like they are candy. No, faster then that… like they are a glass of ice cold lemonade when they’ve been running around in the hot sun all day and are dehyrdated as the desert dust.

It was no surprise to me when my kids devoured Worthy Kids, an imprint of Hachette Book Group’s books The Great Escape (Book #3) and Journey to Jericho (Book #4) which we’ve been reviewing in one single day!

These books are part of a series (current 5 book series) called the Secret of the Hidden Scrolls that are part of a “time-traveling adventure series helping children discover the Bible and grow in faith”. The premise of this series is that Peter and Mary and their dog Hank go on adventures back to stories that took place in the Bible. They search for clues to solve sercrets of the scrolls they find in their Great-Uncle Solomon’s home. The recommended age range for these books are ages 6-9 which is exaclty on point since my 8-year-olds, and 7-year-old ATE THEM UP!!

The Great Escape Book #3 follows Peter, Mary, and Hank back to Pharoah’s palace where the children quickly befriend Pharaoh’s daughter, Shephara. They see first hand the stubborness of Pharoah and the miraculous plagues that God exacts on the people of Egypt for their rebellion in enslaving His people.

They get a taste of what slavery would look like when they observe a slave boy in the palace named Joseph who explains to the children that he was not aloud to play with them like the other children were since he had to work night and day in the palace. 

This book is PACKED filled with adventure and thrill. Your child won’t want to put it down! I DIDN’T WANT TO PUT IT DOWN! 

The only issue I had with this book is this: I don’t believe it can stand alone apart from the series without a better prologue or short recap of what the background is and what role the lion, the scrolls, and the objective is for the children. The prologue attempts to do this, but I feel it is still lacking crucial details that set the scene for the child that started the series with book #3.


Book #4 titled Journey to Jericho takes place when the Israelites were just about to lay siege against the city of Jericho. It opens with their Great-Uncle Solomon sharing with them stories of when he was a spy and had a secret code name for his operations. The siblings hear the roar of the lion which is their signal that they are being called back in time to a place of adventure!  They begin their journey in the Tabernacle where they are acquainted with Joshua. They take advantage of the dark night and sneak into the famous city where they come face to face with their antagonist, the man in black (who is Satan, their villain in every story in the series). Peter and Mary escape the city with Caleb and the other Jewish spies with the cooperation of Rahab. They witness the walls come tumbling down and they have an epic battle against the man in black! They witness and learn that GOD ALWAYS KEEPS HIS PROMISES.

This book did a better job then book #3 on it’s opening chapter in giving a brief set up as to why the children hear the lion roaring. I LOVED that the book mentions that the children see their Great-Uncle reading his Bible every morning. 

Page 88 gives a very cool insight into how the surrounding areas around Jericho were probably filled with legions of angels dressed and ready to battle. Peter sees this heavenly host and exclaims, “Jericho doesn’t stand a chance!”


Other Things I Apprechiate about both of these books:

– They are very simple to read with larger print and short chapters.

– I love how the characters view the Biblical events from different vantage points. During Book #3, they experience some plagues with Pharaoh’s daughter, they experience others while they are escaping the Egyptians on their way to the Israelites settlements, and they escape the final plague in the home of Moses and accompanying family. In book #4 they watch the armies of the Lord march around the city from a cave in the cliff’s side.

– I appreciate that Michael the angel plays an appropriate role of an angel: he is always ministering to the children and other characters in the story, protecting, fighting Satan, keeping the children safe while they sleep, leading them out of sticky situations ect. He illustrates a great reminder that God’s army is always in the picture working behind the scenes.

– Each book ends with an encouragement to the reader to read the actual story in the Bible along with the references to do so.

– The cliff hangers at the end of each book are BRILLIANT! They continually hint to and point toward Jesus. Book #3 concludes with

“That’s a story for another day,” said Great-Uncle Solomon. He also told them how God would send another sacrifice that was better than the lamb – a sacrifice that would save the world.

“I can’t wait to find out what happens,” said Mary. (page 120)

In Book #4,  on inquirey of what happened to Rahab, Great-Uncle Solomon says,

“Not only was Rahab okay… she lived with the Israelites and was the great-great-grandmother of Israel’s greatest king.”

“Who?” asked Peter.

Great-Uncle Solomon put his Bible back on the shelf. “That’s a story for another day.” (page 119)


Yes! Buy the whole series and rest assured your kids are reading some good stuff!

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