Year ‘Round schooling offers many benefits! Our year ’round schooling looks like roughly 6 weeks of school and 2 weeks of a break. Here a few benefits of using year ’round mentioned in the video above:

* You can alter your schedule around REAL LIFE events (moving, baby being born, holidays, other life-changing events) without falling behind or feeling pressured during these times where focus is needed elsewhere.

* Continual structured learning without long breaks results in no to little “catch up” periods needed. 

* Education doesn’t feel RUSHED. We don’t need to finish anything in a specific time frame within a specific week, at a specific age or in a specific grade

* Learning is viewed as a continual process that doens’t “end” when you finish a book or curriculm or school year.


Not being tied down to a specific curriculm also offers many benefits including:

* Being able to take time to really LEARN or MASTER topics, ideas, or areas of interest without feeling restrained or pushed forward by a SCOPE or SEQUENCE for lessons (see the last point in list above).

* As a family, we can decide what we think is necessary or interesting and incorporate movies, books, projects, or feild trips around topics that we really WANT to study instead of being stuck on what we HAVE to study.